How to Become a Digital Utility in 2018

Bambi Hesher, DataSplice

As we launch into the new year, now is the perfect time to reflect on what did and did not work in 2017. In addition, it’s also a good time to set your company or department goals for the year. You may have already set your budget goals for the year but have you translated those budgets into action plans for 2018? I will provide resources that will assist in determining where you are, where you want to go, and what you need to do in order to achieve these plans.

In order to determine where you want to go, you need to know where you are…this first article, A Three-Step Strategy for Becoming a Digital Utility published by Utility Magazine, will provide steps to assist in creating your action plan:

  • Step 1 – Assess your current state from systems, to processes and culture
  • Step 2 – How to develop a strategy
  • Step 3 – How to execute your strategy

Now that you are armed with three steps to get there, how about some inspiration? GE Reports recently published an article about one of our clients: From Gigawatts to Gigabytes: New “Mission Control” Center Will Help New York’s NYPA Become World’s First Digital Utility.This article covers some of the things NYPA has accomplished and how they intend on moving forward as the first digital utility.

Are you feeling inspired?
Here’s another resource to assist you on your journey. The Digital Utility Innovation Forum is a 3-day innovation forum held this year in Barcelona. If you didn’t already budget a trip to Barcelona this year no need to worry, you can sign up on their website for a free subscription to their weekly communication.

If you like the idea of transforming your organization into a digital utility but the task seems daunting, please visit us at DataSplice to see how we can help. We can work with you to implement our mobile software for Maximo.

Here’s to a digital new year!