The quickest, most configurable mobile system for Maximo.

It's time to look at a comprehensive mobile platform for your enterprise.

DataSplice is now part of Prometheus Group

Mobile for Maximo

You already like Maximo. Now you’ll love it.

The DataSplice platform for Maximo provides mobile functionality, is easy to install and provides countless configurations to meet your specific needs.

Our Features


Fast Implementation

Connect to Maximo in just minutes. Configure to your organization’s specific needs without having to write any new code.

Device Agnostic

iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS are all supported. DataSplice is configured once and deployed to all device types immediately. No waiting for the “Android version” to be available.

Total Control

DataSplice’s ease of configuration and management means you have control over your own applications. There is no need to pay us to make your changes for you.

System Integration

Connect to multiple systems simultaneously within a single DataSplice application. Create blended views of Maximo, HR, Logistics, Mapping for simple and intuitive data capture.

IBM Advanced Partners

We have been developing Mobile for Maximo since 2001. Our strong relationship with IBM means we always stay ahead of new developments in Maximo. We also have Maximo certified staff on board.

Offline First Principle

DataSplice is designed primarily for disconnected use. All listed features, including Inspection Forms and GIS, are available offline.

The DataSplice Platform, with its plug-in based architecture, aggregates various data sources including IBM Maximo, Esri GIS, and any Oracle or SQL Server based system. DB2 is now also supported. The data and business logic is combined seamlessly into blended applications delivered to users via the variety of client device options.

  • Assets
    Manage and track your assets. View and update existing asset data such as serial number, asset tag, and even specifications. Enter meter readings, create new assets, add attachments, create work orders, and more.
  • Digital Map Display
    Leverage geographic data to plan and manage your work. Plot locations (online or offline), track GPS-enabled devices, and interact with a full-featured digital map (with or without Esri integration).
  • Inspections
    Digitise your paper inspections. Conditional, dynamic forms with automatic data capture, validation, tolerances, alarms, and other features. Schedule the inspections and track performance. View inspection history, capture photographs and signatures and take notes. Create work orders for issues reported.
  • Inventory
    Full suite of Maximo Inventory functions. Issue and return items, materials, and tools, perform cycle counts and reconcile current inventory balances.
  • Purchasing
    Make material requests and receive purchased items.
  • Service Requests
    Create, track, and manage service requests. Take photographs, mark them up, and attach to the ticket. Generate work orders from service requests, automatically including attachments and log entries. Also available for HSE Incident Reporting.
  • Work Orders
    Powerful and flexible work order processes. Includes an off the shelf work order process that can easily be configured to do anything in your instance of Maximo, regardless of level of customization. Create, schedule, view, and assign work orders in the field or on your desktop computer. View the work orders in lists, as cards, as single detailed records, or on a map.

Each view is available online or offline, as well as on any desktop or mobile device.